Guy Boutilier

Guy Boutilier began his career in the restaurant industry in 1978, while attending college at Southwest State University. What began as a job waiting tables at Houston’s Strawberry Patch restaurant, soon turned into his career path.

In May of 1986, Guy left his position with the Pappas Restaurant Group to help launch a new restaurant concept - Chevy’s Restaurant in San Francisco, California. His responsibilities in this new endeavor included the development of front of house systems and operations. Later that same year, in November of 1986, Guy pursued another promising opportunity, leaving Chevy’s in San Francisco to form Uncle Julio’s Corporation, which premiered its first restaurant concept in Dallas.

In November of 2006, Guy once again pursued a new and promising opportunity to form another new restaurant concept – Mi Chula's Good Mexican.

Guy describes himself as customer focused and innovative, two strengths that have allowed for his success in the restaurant industry. He is passionate about treating customers the way he would like to be treated – and is one of the driving forces behind the Mi Chula’s Good Mexican concept.